2015 Xmas Bonanza! promotion

offer_bannerChristmas has indeed come early at Sematime. We are giving upto 50% bonus for SMS units bought between 03/12/2015 and 03/01/2016. e.g. If you buy 1,000 SMS units we will give you an additional 500 SMS units free of charge.

What a way to celebrate Christmas and usher in the new year?

Terms of the promotion

  • The Xmas Bonanza! bonus will only be awarded on purchase of a minimum of 1,000 SMS units.
  • Bonus SMS units are only valid upto midnight of the day of purchase.
  • The promotion only applies to prepaid accounts.
  • The promotion ends on Sunday, 03/01/2016 at midnight.

If you should need further clarification, do not hesitate to contact our support desk on 0706129100 or email info[at]sematime.com

Happy holidays!

Data Entry Clerks( 1 Week Contract)

Tusqee Systems Ltd is Kenya’s premier provider of technology solutions to schools in Kenya. We are looking for smart young people to fill the data entry position.


  1. Must be a form four graduate with at least grade C.
  2. Must have a laptop.
  3. Able to type 50-70 words per minute.
  4. Young and energetic.
  5. Can work under minimal supervision and for long hours.
  6. Have a keen eye for detail.
  7. Available immediately.

If you meet the above criteria, send your application to hr[at]sematime.com

Closing date: 17th September, 2015.

Topping up your Reseller account with sms

Top-Up-IconYou can credit your reseller account in 3 simple steps

  1. Go to the top left corner of the ‘Dashboard’ and click on Buy. The ‘Buy Sms Units‘ wizard window appears that should direct you throughout this process.
  2. Enter the number of sms units required and then click on the ‘Buy with M-PESA‘ button. The wizard does the math for you and displays how much you are required to pay.
  3. Go to the M-PESA Menu on your phone and choose the Pay Bill option and then follow through with the instructions displayed.

* M-PESA transaction fees are charged.


Contact the sales team – info[at]sematime.com for more information or call +254706129100 / +254202138192.

Introducing two-way messaging

Today, were are really excited to announce that Sematime now supports two-way messaging. This means that it is now possible to have recipients respond to messages you send them with their response appearing in your Sematime Inbox automatically.

How two-way messaging works.
During service activation, we are going to ask you to provide us with a keyword. This is the name that people will starting their SMS messages with whenever they send you their messages. For example, if your keyword is ‘huduma’, then a sample response would be

“huduma thank you so much for delivering my order on time.”

Here’s a preview of the Inbox.



Some more details:

  • Unread messages will be indicated using a green dot on the first column of the messages table.
  • Replying to messages –  type your message in the ‘Reply’ message text area and click the ‘Send Reply’ button.
  • Deleting messages – right-click on a message and choose ‘Delete’

To get started with two-way messaging, login to your account and go to your ‘Inbox’ in order to activate the service. If you should need further clarification, be sure to email us on info[at]sematime.com or call 0706129100.

Happy messaging!

How To Request For Your Customer’s Sms Branding

Sms Brandingbranded-sms

Get your customers’ SMS messages to be sent using their organization’s name instead of a number. This not only ensures content authenticity but also enhances brand promotion. Request for your customer’s branding in few simple steps;

  1. From the top left corner of  your Reseller’s portal, click on the dropdown link indicated “Sematime”.  Five items will be provided on the dropdown menu i.e. Request Sms Branding, Resale prices, Company Profile, Change Password and Logout.
  2. Click on “Request Sms Branding”. A tab appears displaying the requirements you need to meet before proceeding with your branding request. These are a completed brand letter and payment of a one-time fee of KES 7,500
  3. When ready click on “Next”. A tab appears asking you to enter the desired brand name you would wish to request. The name should NOT exceed 11 characters. Click on “Next” to proceed.
  4. Upload a scanned image of the completed branding letter that shall be sent to Safaricom for approval. It should be in JPEG or Pdf format. Once done click on “Next” to proceed to the payment step
  5. Choose your mode of payment and follow the procedure that is displayed. The accepted modes of Payment are M-Pesa and Paypal. Click on “Finish” and wait for Sematime to contact you as soon as the brand name has been processed.

Contact the Sematime  team – info[at]sematime.com for more information or call +254706129100 / +254202138192

Technical Sales Executive Job

news_hiring-1Tusqee Systems Ltd is Kenya’s premier provider of technology solutions to schools in Kenya. Our flagship product is called Sematime – an award-winning bulk SMS solution that lets schools send exam results, fee balances, and general-purpose communication to parents through text messages. We are offering our products and services to 2500+ organizations based in Kenya and abroad since 2011.

We are always looking for smart people to join our team and be part of defining our history and now we want you to fill the position for technical sales personnel.

Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Young and energetic female or male.
  2. At least 2 years experience in a software sales or Technical support position.
    “Technical Person”. We want someone who knows his/her way around a computer. You do not need to be a programmer, but you should be an above average computer user.
  3. At least a degree in Business and IT related field.
  4. MUST have a laptop.
  5. Fluent in both written and spoken English.
  6. Self discipline – since this position involves being out of office most of the time, we want to know that we can trust you to work and not attend to personal matters during working hours.
  7.  Work Monday to Friday 8.00AM to 5.00PM.


  • Understanding customers’ diverse, specific business needs and applying product knowledge to meet those needs.
  • Ensuring quality of service by developing a thorough and detailed knowledge of technical specifications and other features of employer’s systems and processes, and then documenting them.
  • Identifying and developing new business through networking and courtesy and follow-up calls.
  • Cold-calling in order to create interest in products and services, generate new business leads and arrange meetings.
  • Preparing and delivering customer presentations and demonstrations of the software, articulately and confidently.
  • Marketing and promoting a portfolio of products by writing and designing sales literature and through attending industry events.


  • Competitive salaries
  • Full benefits
  • Generous stock options
  • Monthly office party
  • Frequent out-of-town retreats and team building weekends

To apply for the job, please send the following to hr[at]sematime.com by 11th March 2015 :

1. Cover Letter
2. Resume

This job will pay a base salary + commission.

How to Register for the Sematime Reseller Program

Closeup of register key in a modern keyboard

  1. Visit www.sematime.com or go to your search engine and search for Sematime.
  2. Once on the website, click on the “Resellers” tab. This page gives you an overview of the reseller program.
  3. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to start your registration process.
  4. A page appears welcoming you to the reseller program and also highlighting its benefits. Fill in the required details on the right side of the page and click on “Register me”.
  5. The reseller manager will contact you with further details as soon as Sematime is in receipt of your application.

Contact the sales team – info[at]sematime.com for more information or call +254706129100 / +254202138192

We are bringing you the Sematime Reseller Program

reseller-programAt Sematime, we are preparing for the grand launch of the reseller program later this month. This comes in conjunction with the update releases to Sematime 2.0, which has been nothing but exciting and easy to use to customers for the past 2 years.

This is a sneak peek into what we have in store for you during our late March launch, which will see the unveiling of the much awaited reseller program.

Before we dive into that, the most obvious question that you might have, as a prospective reseller: Will joining the reseller program make me money? Yes, it will.

How are we so sure?

We are confident because we push over a million texts on behalf our customers every month! Simple math: 1,000,000*Ksh1.5 (price of 1 text) =$$$$

And this is just revenue from sms sales!

More and bigger revenues are earned on monthly subscriptions that you may choose to charge your clients. The branding fee also brings in some sweet profit.

But Sematime has been in business for 3 years!

Yes, we have, and you may not make 1 million the first month of partnering with us, however, in the three years we have been in business, we have made our fair share of rookie mistakes. We have also learnt the best secrets to succeeding in the bulk sms industry in Kenya. Why don’t you follow the simple guides that we will share with you in form of videos, blog posts and interactive webinars and become as good as we, in half the time?

Now, let us dive into it.

Why partner with us?

  1. We are Kenya’s pioneer and leader in the bulk sms industry-therefore we are promising to offer your clients what best suits their needs based on the type of business they are e.g. school,corporate,NGO or utility company
  2. Of course, earn the highest profit margins-we allow you to set your own resale prices
  3. You will get a dedicated manager to assist you in meeting your reseller business goals
  4. Gain access to top sales tools, success stories and reviews from top rated publications
  5. Get a resellerportal and personalized website. View all your registered clients and manage your business within your own personalized portal.

What will we offer your clients?

Basically, by becoming a Sematime reseller, we are letting you offer your clients the exact same services Sematime offers its clients but under your own brand and company. In addition, you can customize your website and portal to look even better! It is all about giving your clients the best and below is a list of the features they will enjoy:

i.SMS Branding- SMS messages are sent using their organization’s name instead of a number.

ii. Access Everywhere- Your service will be offered online hence can be accessed wherever there is internet connectivity

iii. Up to three pages per message- Clients can send long messages up to a maximum of 480 characters per SMS.

iv. Message scheduling- Messages can be scheduled for delivery on a later date.

v. Mail merge- Mail merge lets your clients personalize all sent messages by inserting a salutation and the person’s first name at the beginning of the message. E.g. Dear John, Dear Korir, Hi Lucy

vi. Delivery reports- Your clients will be presented with a comprehensive report about the people who received their message successfully and those who did not

How does it work?

Sematime has made it simple to become a reseller. The registration can be done at the comfort of your living room. All you need is to fill an online registration form and submit the required documents via email. The Sematime reseller manager will get in touch to familiarize you with the program and assist with any queries. Thereafter, you will be invited to the “Sematime University” (at one of Nairobi’s finest hotels) where you will be provided with all the necessary training and tools on becoming the best reseller you can be.

You will also be provided with credentials to the reseller online portal so you can start managing your business.

Not forgetting the unlimited fun mingling with other resellers over snacks and drinks.


  • A registered company(visit http://inc.co.ke/ to get your company registered)
  • A valid business license
  • Domain name
  • A permanent business location
  • Agree to Sematime agreements and sign contract
  • Pay registration fee

How and when will I be paid my commission?

This is the exciting bit! Sematime does not pay you in commissions! It is your business, you make the profit and you decide how much profit you want to earn! We however provide guidelines on the best resale prices for running a sustainable business.

All you have to do is make a bulk purchase of text messages, monthly subscriptions and brandings from Sematime and resell to your clients at your own price. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Register for the Sematime reseller program

We are confident that businesses in Kenya are now shifting from the traditional methods of print communication and advertising to the more efficient and intrusive bulk sms. This is why we bring you this opportunity to share the fresh and growing profit pie.

So what are you waiting for? Register for the Sematime reseller program by clicking on this link

Check out Sematime on CNN’s African Startups

“Few items inspire universal teenage angst quite like the school report card, that mishmash of letters and numbers that could periodically mean the difference between family praise and punishment. Sometimes, however, it can also inspire new business opportunities.

A few years back, Boniface Githinji was studying computer science at the University of Nairobi. Shortly after his return home for the holidays, he ran into one of his neighbors who started complaining about his child doing what so many other kids around the world with bad grades resort to: hiding their report cards from their parents.”

Continue reading this feature here – http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/22/business/hey-kids-beware-sematime/index.html


Images and video courtesy of CNN African Startups program

Alexander Moore: Sematime is in Africa’s top 100 innovative tech startups

We are extremely excited and honoured to announce that Sematime has been ranked among top 100 most innovative companies in Africa.

“We are Alexander Moore Partners Limited; the parent media company to Afrodigit.com: a digital technology website that tracks technology trends and social media culture across Africa. We have published an infographic on the “Top 100 Most Innovative African Companies To Follow in 2014″ following series of reviews involving over 10,000 Young African companies and organizations and we are pleased to let you know that your company: Sematime has been featured in the infographic (You can view the article with the infographic by clicking on this link – http://afrodigit.com/top-100-innovative-african-startups-follow-2014/)”


Here is the Infographic of the other startups from Africa that made the list.

Top 100 Innovative African Companies
Brought to you by Afrodigit.com