Every feature especially crafted to meet your communication needs.

We have features that are common across all organizations and others that are customized to address the needs of specific organizations. For example, 'Sematime for schools' lets schools send exam results and fee balances to parents while 'Sematime for churches' lets churches serve daily bible quotes and verses to congregants.

Instant delivery of your messages.

Need to send 1,000 messages? No problem. We will have them sent in seconds and then provide you with detailed delivery reports showing who did and who didn't receive your message.

What's more? You can even download and print the reports.


Branded messages across all networks.

Send text messages with the name of your organisation as opposed to a number.

For example, if your organisation is called, Advark Systems Ltd, then all your text messages will be sent with ADVARK_LTD as the sender identifier. Learn More


Group-based contacts management.

Our contacts manager lets you import contacts from an Excel file and then organizes them into groups. For example, you could have a group called 'Staff Members' that contains contacts for your members of staff.

You can have as many groups as you want with each group have infinite number of members.


Concatenated messages (longer than 160 characters)

With Sematime you can compose messages of upto 480 characters (3 pages) and still have them delivered as one long message instead of delivering them separately.

For more details about message concatenation, check out this article on Wikipedia


Message scheduling.

When you send a message, Sematime allows you to specify the date and time when the message should be sent. We'll store the message for you and then have it sent automatically.

Later, you can login to your account, go to 'Sent Messages' and get a comprehensive delivery report.


Personalised SMS messages

Address the message recipients by name. Message personalisation allows you to automatically include your preferred salutation and the person's name at the beginning of the message.

For example, Dear Jane, Dear Lucy, Hi Mike et cetera.


Multiple account users.

We even let you create subaccounts for your employees or different departments or geographically-separated units. For example, a subaccount for your Mombasa-based team and another for your Eldoret-based team.


Sematime mobile app

Our mobile app lets you send bulk SMS messages straignt from your smartphone. It is currently only available on the Android platform. Download it from the Google Play Store today.

credit-card Facebook Integration

Seamlessly post any message on your Facebook wall at a click of a button.

dev Drag & Drop support

Importing contacts from an Excel file has never been easier; simply drag the file from your computer and drop it onto Sematime. That's all.

globe Auto-suggestions

When you begin typing out your recipients, Sematime will show a dropdown list containing your group names and contacts.

support Account summary

Shows a history of all the messages that you have sent and also lets you filter & download reports to an Excel file.

mail Pay with ease

We accept M-Pesa, PayPal and cheque payments.

locked Archives

Archiving allows you to store messages and contacts you're done with but don't want to delete.

Organization specific features.

At Sematime we understand that different organisations have different communication needs. It is for this reason that we have built customized versions of Sematime for small businesses, schools, utility companies & churches.

Send exam results & fee balances via SMS

Students can be naughty; you issue them with report cards to take home to their parents but some fail to do it. Sematime makes it really easy for schools to send exam results to parents - all you need is your class merit list in form of an Excel file.

For students with fee arrears, you can use Sematime to send payment notifications and reminders to parents.


Sms & email billing

Save costs and time by sending your bills to customers as text messages. For customers that have email addresses the system can also send an email with a PDF attachment of the exact bill.

We have got over 20 water services providers using our ebilling services Nyeri Water & Sewerage Company among them.

Balance enquiry

This service makes it possible for your customers to query for their account balances by sending a simple SMS.

Upon receiving an enquiry request, we will query your billing system to retrieve the current outstanding balabce and send it back to the customer within seconds.


Mobile contacts database builder.

A powerful contacts database builder tool that helps you collect phone numbers of your customers or followers automatically.

To begin with, we will assign you a keyword. You will then ask people interested in joining your SMS marketing list to text the keyword to our 20360 shortcode upon which we will capture their phone numbers automatically.


Automated daily bilble verses & inspirational messages.

This is a shortcode-based service that lets churches offer daily bible quotes and verses to its members. We have over 500 bible verses to choose from.

Every bible verse served is an opportunity for you to make money. Get in touch with us to get started.