Make good money reselling our services without your end
users ever knowing about Sematime.

Our white-label solution lets you rebrand and customize our award-winning bulk SMS solution to your liking. You can change the logo, corporate colors and even set your own prices. Lovely, aah!

The beauty of this program is that we have done all the heavy-lifting for you, literally. You don’t have to invest the time, money or resources to set up the business from scratch. Your customers get complete self-service access to a rebranded version of our platform. Once you qualify as a reseller, we will sell our services to you at discounted prices. You can then decide to resell these services at whatever prices you prefer. There are no commissions involved - you keep all the money that you make.

Our value proposition:

  • We are Kenya’s pioneer and leader in the bulk sms industry - we are promising to offer your clients what best suits their needs.
  • Earn the highest profit margins - we allow you to set your own resale prices
  • You will get a dedicated manager to assist you in meeting your reseller business goals
  • Gain access to top sales tools, success stories and reviews from top rated publications
  • Get a reseller portal and personalized website. View all your registered clients and manage your business within your own personalized portal.

To register as a reseller, visit to register.

Got any questions about the reseller program? Speak to us right now on 0706 129100